Visions of a Future, Ruins From this Past

Missile Defenses concept sketch


As technologies escalate and expand surveillance capabilities they dictate how we perceive and act simultaneously. We are witnessing the creation of a post-human vision that incorporates both the visible and invisible spectrums. This interminable vision has given us a false sense of control and institutes a union of the real and the virtual. Our current state of anxiety, insecurity and unease propels us to amplify our pursuit of more expansive autonomous systems that act on the immediacy of both actual and manufactured data. The reality of horror is deferred through the sterile views produced by this technology. Acting as global deterrents, these systems perpetuate an endless feedback loop suggesting the eventual breakdown of control, and ultimately, the decay of information itself.

We now inhabit this state of ruination. Not just physical ruin, but the very ruination of perception. This is a simulated reality where time, distance, and scale all break down and dissolve through the perpetual invasiveness of technology. I propose that within any acknowledgment of the ruined as a story of the past lies a forecast of a potential future. My practice is a portal that re-posits the sublime within this projection. It allows multiple points of access into an envisioned future emerging out of the ruination of our perception caused by post-human vision. The nature of this proposed future acknowledges the tension between the beautiful and the horrific.