Machine Vision - Drawings by Bennett Morris.

Missile Defenses, Landscape 020

Missile Defenses, Landscape 020

On view January 18th - March 22nd.

Thank you all who attended the Opening Reception, February 1st at The Press Hotel.

These elaborate and colorful landscape drawings will be on display in a show graciously supported by The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine’s historic downtown district. Each new piece is a delicately layered, multi colored ink drawing made using a CNC router as a robot drawing machine.This unique process blurs the boundaries between contemporary technologies, photography and the traditions of drawing.

Made entirely of horizontal ink lines, I’ve created ruinous worlds where the technologies of surveillance and communications are juxtaposed with the weapons and systems related to global conflicts past and present. Intricately detailed landscapes immerse the viewer with their curious beauty. I’ve created this visual combination to address the tensions between what we find beautiful and what terrifies us.

- Bennett

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Read more about the drawings here.

The Press Hotel

119 Exchange Street

Portland, ME 04101