Drawing Machine

This clip shows one of the large machine drawings in progress. For this drawing I’m using the full size CNC to make a drawing that is 39 x 50 inches. Moving up to this scale from the smaller CNC has revealed some unique phenomenon. Not only does it take considerably longer to finish, upwards of 150-200 hrs, but there are also many unique marks that are only revealed at this scale. The resulting drawing, because of it’s large scale, becomes more immersive to the viewer. It also reads well from further away and makes more use of the perceived colors created by the overlapping horizontal lines. Stop by The Press Hotel to see this drawing and more in the real. @thepresshotel #machinevision


The screen becomes a portal into a relentless perception. Ceaseless scans seen through decaying vision. Congested atmospheres shroud savage ruinous landscapes, where the only equal to their horror is their beauty. Hints of sound emanate from the shadows around me. The detached views in front of me give access to a hunt, a search, a gathering of data. At what distance can I see this unfolding, this unrelenting visual interrogation? Fragments of schizophrenic familiarities only add to the displacement of a context. Is this the future or a romantic envisioning of another past? Multiple views only intensify the confusion of scale and lack of historical placement. I respond with unease to the possibilities envisioned from these views. The haunting emptiness of the subtle sounds maintains the curiosity of these inhuman landscapes. As I wait in anticipation for answers to my questions, I find myself searching, hunting for that critical rupture in the pattern. I’m looking for something that has not been seen.